This privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") explains our practices regarding the use of personal data collected and processed in the application, downloadable for mobile phones or other platforms (the "Application").

Under the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter "LOPD")Law 15/1999 from the 13th of December , and other implementing legislation that may replace said law in the future, we hereby inform you that the personal data of the user addressed in the Application and/ or via email with us, may be incorporated into files for Acyclic OÜ is responsible, with registered offices in Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia with Registry Code 14392529 as detailed in the Privacy Policy.

When providing personal data to, users agree that they have read and expressly accepted this Privacy Policy and given their express, unequivocal and informed consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the purposes stated in this present Privacy Policy, hereby guaranteeing Acyclic OÜ indemnification in the case of a non-compliance on behalf of the user should generate any kind of damage towards

1. DATA PROCESSED considers the following to be personal data that can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Data from the Forms of the Application and the User Profile: In order to register as a user of the Application (the "User" or "Users") and / or perform certain actions on the Website the user must fill out the electronic registration form that appears on the platform providing the information necessary for the provision of our services. The Personal Details form specifies the required data which must be filled in by the user, the failure of the user to provide these will mean they are unable to register as a user (in the case of the registration form) or will not be able to perform certain actions on the website (eg contact us). Also, being a registered user in the Application involves having a profile with open fields where the user can indicate what they deem appropriate (except in the case of the Forbidden Data indicated below).
  2. The data requested in the registration form is as follows: (1) e-mail or social media account log-in details (2) username and (3) password if using the e-mail to register.
  3. The data requested in the contact form is: (1) full name, (2) e-mail, (3) telephone number and (4) sent message.
  4. Data provided by third parties: the user can have the option not to fill in the registration form instead, identify themselves on the Application through third-party user account services companies such as Facebook, or Instagram Inc., LLC. In addition, the web portals that users are redirected to from the platform (usually e-commerce portals for fashion companies or brands) can send us information indicating that as a user you have made purchases on their own website influenced by the Application (see "data associated with navigation-related platform"). The User is aware that in all such cases, these companies provide us with certain information about the User under their own privacy policies and/ or cookies from these companies (to which the user has previously consented). will try its hardest in order to not access more data than deemed necessary to ensure a good user experience and proper operation of the Application.
  5. Data processed automatically by the application: when using the application, it automatically accesses a series of data and elements on your mobile device from which it is installed. Most operating systems inform the user before allowing the download of the application and some of them allow the user to limit this access (although this may prevent the normal use of the Application). The current version of the application requires the following access (with the use of personal data that each access should imply): (1) access to photos and multimedia files on the device, (2) access to the device camera (3) information about the Wi-fi connection from the device (4) the device identifier and (5) language configuration as well as country of the device.
  6. Data associated with browsing the Application: When a user accesses any of the formats of the Application, collects data associated with the browsing habits of each of the users. Thus all actions performed by the user within the platform (for example, viewing a publication from another user, saving a product ...) associated with the user ID, IP address, general information about the device and operating/ navigation system, date and time, and the IDs of other elements associated with this action (eg, ID of the publication that they liked).
  7. Data associated with the Cookies Policy: see our platform' cookie policy in web-page format.
  8. Data from communications with when sending any communication, we proceed to collect metadata from such (time and date of the call or e-mail, identity of the sender and receiver, technical data) and the data involved in any communication between the user and
  9. Data included in the User Content: when publishing the User Content, we collect any personal data included in such Content (as defined in the Terms of Use), which are used by the company on behalf of the User.

Prohibited data: It is prohibited under all circumstances to provide to or post on the Application, (especially but not limited to the User Content) any content that contravenes any prohibition and limitation in the Terms of Use (especially but not limited to the ban on using personal data -both from third parties and from the user him/ herself- containing sensitive information relating to identified or identifiable individuals, for example: racial origin, union membership, religion, ideology or sexual orientation, health data; or data relating to criminal records, procedures and sanctions or fines arising from such or breaching the monetary obligations).

The user guarantees (a) the authenticity and veracity of all data (especially but not limited to those that are of a personal nature) that they communicate through the platform, (b) the personal data is their own and the image is of themselves or they have permission from the relevant party to use such data, (c) and that they will keep the information provided to updated, so that it corresponds at all times to their real situation, being solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made, as well as the damage thus caused to or to third parties.


The personal data included in the clause above (other than those from category g: "data included in the User Content") are managed by as data controller, for the purpose of:

Following purposes by category:

Under no circumstances will use the personal data of the users for purposes other than those mentioned above, unless otherwise provided in the regulations on protection of personal data or subsequent consent of users obtainaed in accordance with the rules.


The User in their use of the services provided by through the Application and use of the Application may include, through User Content, personal data of others or themselves in such User Content ("Data Content"). Said Users are solely responsible for this data content as "manager of the processing" lends a service for processing this information on behalf and in account of the user, as "processor" for the purpose of allowing the use of the Application and provide the services offered through the Application.

To the extent that is the "data processor" (A) it implements technical and organizational measures to safeguard the contents of any data access, loss, destruction, theft, use or unlawful and unauthorized disclosure; (B) it addresses only the content data in accordance with the instructions provided by the user, including the configuration of your User Account and indications ( "clicks" on the Application) for this particular material, (C) it does not use the content of the data for purposes other than those related to the development of the Services or according to the instructions provided by the user, (D) it does not report data contents, not even for preservation to third parties (this does not exclude that if the instruction from a user is a that the user content should be public and subject to recommendations logically fulfils that instruction and allows users access to such data Content and may even recommend visualizing such User Content).

Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement due to the unsubscription on behalf of the user responsible for this data content, we will stop using any of the data contents and shall destroy them. reserves the right to block such data content before deleting for a period of time during which may be subject to liability arising out of such data processing. If you detect that another user introduces into your former data content without authorization, you should inform immediately, due to the fact that does not monitor, edit or control the User Content.

The user responsible for the content of data authorizes us as data processors to allow access to and the processing of such data Content to one or more service providers (holding data and messaging), as a subcontractor on behalf and on his account, if we reasonably believe that such access and processing is necessary for the development of the Services. These providers process the data for the sole purpose of providing such services as we have indicated and are currently the Google group (whose subsidiaries with possible access to the data would be: (i) Google Ireland Limited, with offices at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, (ii) Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., with offices at 8 Marina View Asia Square 1 # 30-01 Singapore 018960, or (iii) Google Inc., with offices at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, (in Ireland, Singapore and the USA respectively); the Amazon group (whose subsidiaries with possible access to data are (i), Inc. in USA . and (ii) Amazon web Service Ireland Ltd in Ireland); and the Facebook Group (whose subsidiaries with possible access to data are (i) Facebook, Inc., with offices at 1601 S California Ave; Palo Alto, California 94304 y (ii) Instagram, Inc., with offices at 1601 Willow Rd; Menlo Park, California 94025). The countries that may process the data outside the European Economic Area (all except Ireland) may not have rules to protect personal data equivalent to the Spanish / European rules). Before this processing occurs, we will ensure that it has been entered into a contract with said third parties in which they commit to processing personal data in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Policy.

The user responsible for the data content confirms and guarantees that they have all necessary consents of persons whose personal data will be treated under this clause (even including the International Data Transfer of this subcontractor or other Application users from other countries who are given access). The user responsible for the data content will indemnify or release from liability in connection with any claim, loss or damage that may occur that is relevant to the processing of third-party personal data under this clause.


To public entities:

Users who receive some form of reward, whether financial or in-kind, are hereby informed of the transfer of their personal data to the relevant Tax Authorities for the purpose of complying with their tax obligations and the general transfer of such to the relevant public entities for reasons that are stipulated by law. These transfers of personal data are required by the relevant laws.

To other users:

Users are aware of, agree to and give consent that according to their settings and actions on the Application some personal data (which the User himself selects) may be consulted or viewed by other users of the Application according to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for Service in order to deliver the service as stipulated in the Terms of Use.

We use third party technological services for the provision of Services, whose providers may process your data collected in the course of providing us their services, as data processors. You authorize us to contract the following services and the corresponding transfer of User Data to the entities and countries listed below:


Users can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the LOPD in writing, via email to [email protected] The interested user party must attach a copy of their national identity card, passport or other valid identification document and follow the directions to be given (which may involve unsubscribing from the Application in certain cases).

6. CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY may update this Privacy Policy following prior notice to the user via notification on the Application. An updated version of this Privacy Policy will always be available on the Website and Application. When necessary will request valid consent again under the relevant laws (for these purposes you agree that your email address, the user account itself on the Application or publications on the Application are appropriate means - although not the only valid - for communications with legal content of